About us

About Us

Being newly engaged and looking for all things Bridal, I found myself trawling the internet for months looking for the best products I could get for my money.

What I found was 1000’s of websites cashing in on the word “WEDDING” and not offering much in the way of personalisation of the products.

This had to change, why should we pay over the odds per invite just because it’s a wedding when the same invitation for a birthday was much lower?

Bridal Favor was born and is here to bring good quality products with affordable prices without cashing in on the word Wedding!

We add the personalised touch to your items and due to this our lead-times do depend on the volume of orders received and can take up to 5 Weeks to produce.

Please take this into account when selecting your products, if you need them sooner drop us an email and we will do our utmost to help!

Be sure to check out all categories and look for the sale items!